Post-graduate Certificate Program in Mexico-US Border Studies



El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (El Colef) is the most prestigious researcher training and scientific research center in the North of Mexico. El Colef specializes in studies regarding border issues at the Mexico-United States border. The main objectives of El Colef are to generate scientific knowledge on border issues, train high level human resources, and establish institutionalized relationships that contribute to the development of the region.

The postgraduate educational offer at El Colef currently includes seven face-to-face master’s degree programs and a doctorate, as well as an online post-graduate certificate program. Furthermore, there is a continuous education unit that includes certification, specialization and upgrading courses. The face-to-face programs have international recognition because of their quality and high academic standards.

In this context, the Post-graduate Certificate Program in Mexico-US Border Studies (EFMEU) was created as a postgraduate program that recovers the cross-border vision of the institution on social issues. This online Post-graduate Certificate Program gives graduates a professional status, and because of its international nature the contents may be presented in English or Spanish.

Academic Coordinador:

Xavier Oliveras González




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