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Knowledge Cities World Summit 2020 «The anthropocene and the cities preparedness for climate change»


11 de noviembre de 2020

16h UTC

12 de noviembre de 2020

16h UTC

10 de noviembre de 2020

16h UTC

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Organized by The World Capital Institute and El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, the 13th KCWS edition will be virtual and focusing on how to push the knowledge- based development discipline boundaries to ensure investment in sustainable, safe, mobile, and water-sensitive successful cities for our knowledge era. It will bring academicians, professional practitioners, civil servants and policy makers from all over the world together from both current and emerging knowledge cities. There will be 2 sessions each day, with a 30 minute break, structured to draw separately on leading thinking and practical approaches.



November 10
Knowledge for the Anthropocene: 16.00-17.15 UTC
Curator and Chair: Francisco Javier Carrillo
Anthony Hodgson – H3Uni
Ioan Fazei – York University
Bill Sharpe – University of West England
Niko Schapke – Chalmers University

Knowledge Cities for the Future: 17.45-19.00 UTC
Curator: Ana Cristina Fachinelli
Chair: Andrew Guinn
Frank Wefering – Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
Daniel Orellana – Cuenca University

November 11
Equality and Social Justice: 16.00-17.15 UTC
Curator and hair: Cathy Garner
Jamie Cooke – RSA Scotland
Neil McInroy – Centre for Local Economic Studies
Velina Petrova – Oxfam

Alternative economic models:  17.45-19.00 UTC
Curator and Chair: Guenter Koch
Daniel Dahm – United Sustaintability Grup
Friedrich Hinterberger – Club of Rome Austria
Dirk Löhr –Trier University of Applied Sciences

November 12
KBD and K-City Indicators MAKCI: 16.00-17.15 UTC
Curator and Chair: Blanca Garcia
Jay Chatzkel – Progressive Practices Arizona
Shanker Seetharam –  Centennial College School of Business

Knowledge City Cases: Change Makers?  17.45-19.00 UTC
Curator and Chair: José Carlos Ramos
Chaty Garner – Word Capital Institute
Tatiana Schreiner – Santa Catarina Federal University
Closure remarks: Francisco Javier Carrillo



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